Bridging the Retirement Gap for Women

There are many studies showing that women continue to fall short on their overall retirement savings compared to their male counterparts. There are various factors that contribute to this, including the fact that, on average, women get paid less than men. On average, it is also more common for women to work less hours than [...]

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QFA Administration Role

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced QFA or APA administrator to join our growing team in Dublin 15 on a full-time permanent basis.   Criteria for the role: Be APA or QFA qualified. 1-3 years’ experience in financial services. Full understanding of appropriate regulatory/compliance requirements in the financial services sector, such as the [...]

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A few things to know about renewable energy investing

A few things to know about renewable energy investing   Policy uncertainty is one of the biggest obstacles to investment in renewables: Many Governments are still failing to take up the challenge and lead the way on renewables, despite the EU Renewable Energy Directive, which requires the EU to fulfil at least 20% of its [...]

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Brex’Quit or a Referendum

  Brex’Quit or a Referendum It has been over two years since the UK’s referendum on leaving the European Union went through, yet many important questions remain unanswered such as: Will the UK remain in the EU’s customs union? Will it face tariffs on exports? The only near-certainty that the UK Government can provide is [...]

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