Growing Your Wealth

We’ll guide you along the way and hold your hand during uncertain times when markets get volatile. The guiding principles of our investment philosophy are explained below:

You can’t predict the markets.

Nobody can predict the markets. “Time in” the market is what matters, not “timing” the markets. It is our job to make sure you stick to your plan and don’t interrupt the compounding of returns.

Volatility is the price you pay for long-term, consistent returns.

There are risks everywhere in life. There is a risk to doing nothing with your savings – that risk is inflation. However, if you embrace the uncertainty and volatility of a diversified investment portfolio in the present, it will give you a much greater chance to achieve your financial objectives in the long run.

Evidence based investing is best.

The long-term evidence shows us that time is the most powerful tool you can have as an investor and that patience is rewarded. It is our job to provide access for you to world-class fund managers with strong track records over many years.

Keep costs competitive.

We will guide you to the most appropriate management fees and tax efficient portfolios that will add the most value to your plan. We avoid paying unnecessary third-party fees wherever possible.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify!

Diversifying your portfolio won’t prevent temporary downturns altogether, but it will make your investments more resilient against them. Decades of research in investment theory has proven that diversification always improves the risk / reward characteristics of a portfolio. Putting all your eggs in one basket or jumping on the next trend is never a wise investment strategy. We get the temperature just right for your specific risk profile.

Tune out from short term media noise.

Listening to and reading the short term media headlines about market volatility is a sure way of bringing out your feelings of anxiety and fear. It is never the current climate that dictates the plan, it is always your financial goals and investment horizon. If your goals have not changed, then stay the course.

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