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Retirement Planning

Retirement today means something different than in previous generations. People are feeling younger and living longer, whilst the age we can potentially begin receiving the State Pension continues to drift further away. Some are choosing to remain in the workforce – either by continuing in their professions or enjoying consultancy careers. Many are planning for an active lifestyle, one that might include travel to once-in-a-lifetime destinations. As we live longer, we also must consider the increasing costs of healthcare and long-term care, as well as the need for our money to last for not just a few years, but potentially decades. An advisor at Tara Financial Partners can help you reduce vulnerability from the unexpected, prevent you from being poor in retirement and help you leave the legacy you desire.

There are a number of rules, that are continually changing, governing the vast range of retirement planning options that are available to you. So whether you are looking to start funding for your retirement, reviewing the provisions you already have in place, or have already retired, it is important that specialist advice is sought in order to provide you with the most suitable retirement planning structure. Here at Tara Financial Partners, we feel that the investment portfolio within your pension structure is imperative to achieving the best overall plan. If you would like to learn more about our investment advisory services then please click here.