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Investment Advisory Services

We are conservative in our investment approach and believe strongly in diversifying our clients’ investments across all major asset classes. Balancing risk and reward is very important when planning for your financial future. We work closely with you to see where you are now and where you want to be in the short, medium and long-term. We can provide you with a lifetime Financial Plan that encompasses what you wish to achieve. We will hold your hand through all market cycles, especially in volatile times, and try to prevent you from doing anything that is financially self-destructive. If we can ensure you don’t make life-changing errors during these periods, your wealth will stand a much better chance of being preserved.

Here at Tara Financial Partners, we believe that when it comes to investing, risk and reward go hand in hand. A conservative investor, or one with a low risk tolerance, favors investments that maintain his or her original investment.

An adventurous investor, or one with a high risk tolerance, is willing to risk their capital being temporarily eroded to get potentially better results. There is no right or wrong attitude towards risk. Before we begin constructing an investment portfolio, we complete a risk profiling tool with you. This allows us to remain within your comfort zone for accepting risk, whilst optimizing the risk/reward ratio of the portfolio. We advise our clients not to chase the returns, and make sure you adhere to your personal risk profile. When creating your portfolio, we also know that tax efficient structures and cost management are key considerations. We remain fully transparent with all fees involved in the implementation of your plan. We also work closely with your accountant/tax advisor to ensure that we are all working together on your behalf, to achieve the desired result.